Treatments - Non Surgical facial rejuvenation in Bournemouth

Wrinkle Reduction



Crows feet and worry lines around the eyes and forehead are visibly reduced using a minimally-invasive series of anti-ageing injections. Ensuring as much comfort as possible, we use the smallest needles and the highest quality products on the market. 

Lip Enhancement


Laserlast can create a fuller, plumper and more even smile. After enhancement, your lips will have better definition, balance and volume. 

8 Point lift



Unsightly smokers lines, furrows and sagging smiles are corrected with Collagen replacement therapy. A local anaesthetic is administered to make this process as comfortable as possible. 

Eyebrow and Eyelid Lift


A more youthful look can be obtained by placing

small muscle relaxing injections into the effected areas. The outer arc of the eyebrow is raised and heavy lids appear lifted and facial rejuvenation

Excessive Perspiration



Many people suffer from this embarrassing problem but Laserlast can help. By making small injections into the muscles around the sweat glands, long lasting results can be achieved.

Facial Peels


 Glycolic peels can be used on their own or in combination with laser to resurface the skin and give a younger healthier glow.

Treatments - Laser

Thread Vein Removal


 Vascular lesions such as Rosacea, leg and face thread veins and telangiectasia can be easily treated using the Laser system. 

Pigmented spots


We all get unsightly pigmented marks on our face, hands and body as we get older. There are caused by old sun damage. We can protect ourselves from getting new ones by daily applying sunscreens but the esisting ones can only be removed by IPL/ Laser treatments. It's a simple procedure with excellent, long lasting results.Before laser/ipl  

Hair Removal



Laser provides a safe, effective and efficient method for long-term hair removal without the side effects associated with electrolysis and waxing. The laser system works by targeting the melanin in the hair and heating up the hair follicle to such an extent that hair growth is slowed or halted altogether. 

Tattoo Removal


The laser breaks down the tattoo particles so that they can be absorbed using the body’s natural defence system. Using Laser to remove unwanted Tattoos is acknowledged by dermatologists as
the gold standard for treatments, giving reliable results with very little risk of side effects. 

Skin Rejuvenation


Using laser to tighten skin, reducing fine line and wrinkles and also targeting skin pigmentation from sun damage. Skin rejuvenation is arguably the fastest growing segment of the overall aesthetic treatment market at this time. 



Laser targets active acne to reduce it’s appearance and prevent scarring.